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Make Collagen An Essential Part Of Your Skincare Routine

Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed signs of aging? Don't you ever wish you could stay young forever? People these days seek the fountain of youth but beauty as they say, is skin deep. Skincare products shouldn't only tackle the skin's surface, but should also work within. This is because there are many factors that can affect the quality of our skin. While dirt, dust and bacteria are the main culprit to having dull, dry and damaged skin, there are more factors than meet the eye.

With that said, skin aging is quite complex. Just when you think that genetics are to blame for your blemishes, hormone changes, stress levels and even your diet play a huge role. So how do you combat skin aging? Collagen is one of the popular products that is known to reverse the sign of aging. Yep, this protein is naturally found in our skin, but as we grow older, our body's ability to produce collagen also declines.

So to start your journey through looking younger, a skincare routine that includes collagen should be a good start. With the wide range of products available on the market today, it's hard to choose which one suits your skin. We might as well choose collagen supplements that boost your skin's elasticity and keep it moisturised. Collagen supplements are also capable of protecting your skin against the damaging effects of stress and photoaging.

Cleansing can also stave off skin dryness. Be careful though because not all facial washes work well in keeping your skin clean and dirt-free. There are facial cleansers that can stress your skin out, causing collagen to break down. As a result, your skin will feel dry and irritated. If you want to improve collagen production, choose oil-based cleansers that will maintain your skin's natural balance.

There are cleansers designed for specific skin types. You should also be mindful of your cleansing frequency. A cleanser that provides a calming effect to your skin is the best choice.

Regular cleansing isn't enough to keep dirt at bay. You'll also need active serum after washing your face so your skin will continue to produce collagen. Serum has three active ingredients that can increase your skin's collagen production: retinol, glycolic acid and vitamin C.

Retinol is an ingredient that's proven safe for your skin. It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines which become visible as you age. Retinol increases the natural turnover cycle of your skin. When you have fully functioning skin cells, your skin will also be healthier. Be sure to apply retinol at night since it makes your skin more sensitive to the sun.

Glycolic acid has collagen-boosting properties and is capable of triggering your skin's wound-healing response. Glycolic acids are also suitable for controlling your skin's oil production and removing acne.

Vitamin C is also great for boosting your collagen levels. Apart from stimulating collagen production, vitamin C can also keep your existing collagen levels stable. However, vitamin C and retinol shouldn't be used together to prevent irritation.

Skin aging is inevitable but we can do something to delay it. A consistent skincare routine that includes boosting your skin's collagen production can help you achieve youthful glow. JY Solution offers a wide range of products like ActiVLayr Collagen Patch to replenish moisture and improve skintone. You're a few steps away from achieving healthier skin. Get our skincare products here.

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