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JY Solution specializes in professional customization service. Every client has his/her needs, and we’re ready to meet the requirements. We provide the right solution that you need among every step of customization - product planning, brand designing, marketing & sales strategy, and producing & distributing.



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Korean Filler

We provide perfect monophasic HA fillers for face(1.1ml syringe), and body(50ml syringe/vial). Safeness and quality maintenance are the most important factors in filler. We can make any kinds of viscosity that clients want with almost none of BDDE.

We can provide the best quality of threads that have high tensile strength giving a powerful tightening and lifting effect. Not only our existing types of threads, we can also develop the new type under our production system; either Half-finished or complete product is possible.

Korean Thread
Korean Lipolysis

- We mainly use Natural ingredients such as Soy Isoflavone, Juglans Regia Seed, Carnitine, Fucus Vesiculouse Extract, etc. You can expect to get a natural effect of your face contouring without bruise or swelling, and downtime.

- We also make Deoxycholic acid solution which can be expected to tremendous effect for double chin or body contouring. It not only reduces the size of fat cell, but also eliminates it so that collagen is synthesized through remodeling.

- We highly recommend lipolysis with Vitamin B12 which acts as a coenzyme in various metabolic processes - nervous system, blood cell generation, DNA synthesis, lipid & amino acid metabolism, etc.

- All lipolysis solution can be made by various concentration so that the clients can choose anything from mild to strong effect.

It is aesthetic treatment that includes the hydrophilic properties of hyaluronic acid, powerful anti-oxidant - glutathione, and the best skin regeneration ingredient - Salmon DNA. It improves the hydration of skin, makes it more elastic and firmer, and regenerates cell tissue. We have two types of skin booster – for SKIN and for HAIR.

Korean Hair meso, Korean skin booster, PDRN
Korean cosmetic


- RF(Radio Frequency) Cream: The patented technology by Gold Nanoparticle makes RF cream not only to help RF treatment smoothly, but also has whitening, pore tightening, and anti-wrinkle. RF cream itself has an effect, but it is much better to use it with RF machine.

- Other Skin Care: Any types of skin care products for whitening/anti-wrinkle can be customized.

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