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Fat Dissolving Solution With FDA Approved "Deoxycholic Acid" For FACE & BODY

Visible Results only after Few Weeks with No Pain & Adverse Reaction

Fat Dissolving Injectable

Deoxycholic acid  ( DCA )

The Only Fat Dissolving Injectable Approved By  the FDA

A Safe Substance Naturally Produced within the Human Body 

DCA,the active ingredient of Kabelline, is one of the secondary bile acids which is a metabolic by product of intestinal bacteria 

Unique Deoxycholic Acid(DCA) Formulation

Double Effect of the Fat Dissolving Ability

Kabelline wholesale

Fat Destruction Process in Just Few Weeks


Kabelline Works without Any Side Effects

Kabelline wholesale

Achieve Great Results without Pain

Experience safe and convenient treatment with Kabelline 

High Deoxycholic Acid Contents:40mg

Low Deoxycholic Acid Concentration: 5mg/ml

Kabelline increased its effects by including higher DCA contents than competition,

and succeeded in preventing pain through its unique ingredient formula and pH level control

With fast showing results, focused treatment on required areas is possible.


Facial Contouring + Cheeks


Abdominal Fat Treatment


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