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6 Surprising Factors That Can Speed Up Aging

Does your face show signs of aging-wrinkles, fine lines, age spots? While it's true that you need to look your age, there might still be some underlying factors that cause premature aging. These are usually non-genetic factors. Poor habits and the lack of skincare routine can all take a toll on our skin. Let's find out about the factors that can contribute to premature skin aging.

1. Too much sun exposure

When you’re outside, do you take the time to apply sunscreen to protect your skin against harmful UV rays? If your answer is no, then you're exposing your skin to free radicals due to UV radiation. Being mindful of the amount of sun exposure prevents damage. Avoid being outside between 10AM and 4PM because exposure during these hours can cause free radicals to increase skin aging.

2. Taking certain medications

If you're taking medications for arthritis, asthma or other health conditions, you're also decreasing your skin's elasticity and its ability to produce collagen. Oral corticosteroids for instance, cause skin to become thinner, resulting in making your blood vessels susceptible to rupturing. If left unchecked, such conditions can lead to broken capillaries. Antibiotics, diuretics and inhibitors, on the other hand can cause photosensitivity, making your skin super sensitive when exposed to the sun.

3. Yo-Yo Diet

Embarking on a fad diet can do more harm than good to your skin. Gaining and losing weight causes your skin to stretch and contract, affecting its elasticity. This is the reason you'll develop cellulite and stretch marks. Making sure that your weight is in the normal range can reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. Regular exercise can also improve your skin tone.

4. Smoking and drinking

Drinking and smoking excessively will not only seriously affect your health but damage your skin as well. This is because these habits can deprive your skin of the oxygen and nutrients it needs to promote elasticity and collagen production. For our skin to look healthy, it needs hydration, oxygen, elastin, and collagen. Smoking causes skin damage while drinking causes fine lines.

5. Poor diet

Are you consuming lots of sugary or processed foods? These foods can result in insulin and blood sugar spikes that can trigger low-grade inflammation. When sugar and carbohydrates enter your bloodstream and become attached to protein molecules, the production of elastin and collagen will be affected. With elastin and collagen becoming less functional, your skin will be prone to sagging and wrinkles.

6. Stress

Stress is considered as our body's natural response and while moderate stress can improve our cognitive function, too much of everything is bad. Stress when not managed can lead to physical and mental health issues. Since stress increases cortisol levels, your body's growth hormone production and quantity and quality of collagen will also be affected. Stress can also cause acne breakouts and worsen skin conditions like eczema.

Consider a lifestyle change to keep your skin healthy and younger looking. JY Solution is a manufacturer of medical and beauty products that can keep premature aging at bay. Explore our products here.

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