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The Active Ingredients In Meladerm Tranex

Meladerm uses Nano Liposome Tech, an active ingredient that penetrates deep into the several layers of the skin. Liposomes, with their nanometric size, have excellent tolerance, which can be compared to cell membranes.

Tranexamic Acid

The Tranexamic Acid contains antioxidants that are known to get rid of skin dullness. This ingredient is also capable of preventing known causes of freckles by minimizing melanin production.

Sodium Hyaluronate

Meladerm also has Sodium Hyaluronate that naturally moisturizes the skin. It locks in moisture so your skin will become younger looking as it adds more elasticity and moisture.


This fat-soluble vitamin is also referred to as vitamin E. It is capable of blocking the evaporation of moisture in the skin. It improves immunity while also providing antioxidant action.

Treat melasma and other skin problems with this revolutionary skincare product.

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