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BombBomb Whitening Ampoule

If you are looking for a skin-brightening product that does more than just whiten your skin, BombBomb Whitening Ampoule is the answer.

The product contains a high concentration of Niacinamide of up to 50,000 PPM to ensure your skin benefits fully from the product.

Niacinamide or also referred to as vitamin B3 minimizes large pores and improves uneven skintone.

You will notice a difference in the texture and complexion of your skin because of the presence of nutrients and vitamins.

To use BombBomb, you need to apply toner first, then massage the solution gently into your skin with your fingers. Keep massaging until the ampoule works deeply into your skin.

BombBomb keeps you protected against harmful UV because niacinamide prevents skin hyperpigmentation. It transfers melanin pigment to the skin surface.

Achieve clearer, healthier, and more glowing skin with BombBomb Whitening Ampoule. Only available at JY Solution.

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