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Hair Loss Solutions 

At JY Solution, we are dedicated to providing personalized, effective solutions to combat hair loss. Discover the best treatment plan for you and start your journey towards healthier, fuller hair today. Additionally, JY Solution offers wholesale options, providing high-quality products to meet the needs of your business.

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This cutting-edge treatment stimulates hair growth by embedding bio-absorbable threads, including PDO mono threads, into the scalp. This enhances blood circulation and nutrient absorption, promoting healthy hair growth.


In scalp treatments, PDRN is typically administered to stimulate hair follicles and promote blood flow to the scalp, improving hair growth and thickness. PDRN also helps reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the scalp, which are significant contributors to hair loss.

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Hair Loss Ampoule

Our powerful ampoules are packed with essential nutrients and growth factors that target hair follicles, revitalizing and strengthening them for optimal hair growth.


Hair Loss Tonic

Formulated with key ingredients, our toner soothes the scalp, reduces inflammation, and supports hair growth, making it an essential part of your hair care routine.

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