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Are Pore Strips Effective?

Pore Strips are a temporary solution to acne and blackheads. The pore strips draw out the excess oil and gunk within your pores. This can help reduce breakouts and even prevent future breakouts.

However, if you have a lot of blackheads or large pores, this may not be effective for you.

Pore strips can help reduce the size of your pores, so they'll look smaller than they really are. However, this doesn't mean they're clean or clear. Pores are filled with sebum, which is a natural oil secreted by your skin to keep it healthy and moisturized.

Pore strips only go into the pore itself, so there's no way for them to get rid of all the gunk inside your pores.

Another issue with pore strips is that they can dry out your skin by removing the natural oils from it. If you use them too often or don't allow time between uses to allow the skin's natural oils to replenish themselves, this can cause dryness and irritation in some people's skin types

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