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"Meet Anolve, a safe and good filler proven by 15 years of history. A filler that satisfies everyone differs. Anolve meets all three conditions of safety, sustainability, and shooting sensation."

Anolve Filler Supplier
Anolve Filler Supplier
Anolve Filler Wholesale

Differentiated manufacturing technique 

ANOLVE, biomplant product with high viscosity and excellent resistance to decomposition enzyme.

Anolve Filler supplier

Lower toxin level

Ensurely safety due to very low endotoxin level. Noticeably reduces protein that cause hypersensitivity to minimize free radical formation.

 *Protein content: 11~12µg/ml

*Endotoxin unit level:0.1~0.2 Eu/g

Strength combination of Bi-phasic and Mono-phasic

Made with only the strength of Bi-phasic (Restylane) and Mono-phasic (Juvederm),possess all such as soft shooting power, superior volume , cohesion, persistency and stabiliyu after injection.

Anolve Filler Supplier
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